Discover Hunters Bend: Ladson, SC's Hidden Gem

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Nestled in the heart of Ladson, South Carolina, lies a neighborhood that captures the essence of community living: Hunters Bend. A harmonious blend of scenic beauty, modern amenities, and rich history, this neighborhood offers more than just homes; it promises a lifestyle.

For those seeking a serene escape without compromising on urban conveniences, Hunters Bend is the perfect destination. From its tree-lined streets to the laughter of children playing in parks, every corner tells a story. But what makes Hunters Bend truly stand out in the vast landscape of Ladson's real estate?

Join us as we journey through this captivating neighborhood, uncovering the secrets that make it a sought-after haven for many. Whether you're a potential homebuyer, a curious local, or someone with an appreciation for communities with character, there's something in Hunters Bend for you.

History of Hunters Bend: A Journey Through Time

Hunters Bend, a picturesque neighborhood in Ladson, SC, has a rich tapestry of history that adds to its allure. While its modern-day charm is evident in its well-maintained streets and contemporary homes, the origins of this neighborhood are deeply rooted in the past.


The inception of Hunters Bend can be traced back to a time when Ladson was still finding its feet as a community. The land, once untouched and brimming with natural beauty, caught the eye of developers who envisioned a space where families could thrive.

Development Over the Years

As the years rolled on, Hunters Bend underwent significant transformations. From the establishment of its first homes to the creation of community spaces, the neighborhood began to take shape. Green spaces were preserved, ensuring that residents could enjoy the tranquility of nature amidst urban living. Beautiful ponds became a hallmark of the area, reflecting the community's commitment to maintaining a harmonious balance with nature.

Community Building

The true essence of Hunters Bend lies not just in its infrastructure but in its people. Over the years, the neighborhood has fostered a tight-knit community. Residents, both homeowners and renters, have come together to form groups, organize events, and ensure that the spirit of unity remains strong. This sense of community is evident in local groups such as the Hunter's Bend Residents group on Facebook, where members actively engage, share, and support one another.

Modern Day

Today, Hunters Bend stands as a testament to thoughtful planning, community engagement, and a commitment to preserving the area's natural beauty. With easy access to major highways and proximity to historic downtown Summerville, the neighborhood offers the best of both worlds - modern conveniences and rustic charm.

Amenities and Facilities in Hunters Bend

Hunters Bend, a community that prides itself on offering a blend of modern conveniences and natural beauty, boasts a range of amenities that cater to the diverse needs of its residents.

Green Spaces

One of the standout features of Hunters Bend is its commitment to preserving nature. The neighborhood is dotted with lush green spaces, allowing residents to enjoy a breath of fresh air, take leisurely walks, or simply relax amidst nature.

Beautiful Ponds

Reflecting the tranquility of the community, several picturesque ponds adorn the landscape of Hunters Bend. These water bodies not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also provide a serene backdrop for contemplative moments.

Community Pool

A hub of activity, especially during the warmer months, the community pool is a favorite among residents. Whether it's for a refreshing swim or lounging by the poolside, this amenity ensures endless hours of relaxation and fun.

Strategic Location

Hunters Bend's location is one of its strongest assets. With easy access to major highways like I-26, Hwy 17-A, 52, 78, & 176, residents can effortlessly navigate to historic downtown Summerville, Berkeley Co. Schools, Goose Creek, and major shopping centers.

Community Engagement

The Hunter's Bend Residents group on Facebook is a testament to the neighborhood's vibrant community spirit. From organizing events to sharing local news, this platform fosters a sense of unity and belonging among residents.

Amenity Center

The Hunters Bend Amenity Center is a focal point for community gatherings. While details from online sources are limited, it's evident from local mentions that this center plays a pivotal role in hosting events and fostering community interactions.

Current Market Trends in Hunters Bend

Hunters Bend, a sought-after neighborhood in Ladson, SC, has been witnessing some intriguing market dynamics lately. Here's a snapshot of the current trends:

Home Values and Prices

The real estate market in Hunters Bend has seen a mix of properties, with homes listed for sale ranging from mid-range to upscale prices. For instance, a recent listing showcased a charming 4-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom home nestled in the neighborhood, priced at $392,675. Another property, located at 2022 Hunters Bend Trl, last sold for $203,040 in January 2014, indicating a potential appreciation in property values over the years.

Ownership Trends

The majority of residents in Hunters Bend are homeowners. In fact, about 86% of the residents own their homes, reflecting a strong sense of community and stability in the neighborhood.

Demand and Supply

The presence of multiple listings on platforms like Realtor and Redfin suggests a healthy demand for properties in Hunters Bend. The diverse range of homes, from cozy family residences to more expansive properties, caters to a wide spectrum of potential buyers.

Amenities and Location

The strategic location of Hunters Bend, coupled with its array of amenities, makes it an attractive proposition for potential homeowners. Its proximity to major highways and downtown Summerville adds to its appeal, ensuring residents enjoy both tranquility and convenience.

Schools and Education in Hunters Bend

Education plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of our children. For families residing in Hunters Bend, Ladson, SC, having access to quality educational institutions is of paramount importance. Here's an overview of the educational landscape in and around Hunters Bend:

Elementary Schools

Ladson Elementary School: Located just a short drive from Hunters Bend, Ladson Elementary is known for its dedicated staff and a curriculum that emphasizes holistic development. The school boasts modern facilities and a range of extracurricular activities that cater to diverse interests.

Middle Schools

Sangaree Middle School: Serving the Ladson area, Sangaree Middle School offers a comprehensive educational experience for its students. With a focus on academic excellence and character development, the school has consistently received positive feedback from parents and guardians.

High Schools

Stratford High School: As one of the premier high schools in the region, Stratford High offers a rigorous academic program complemented by a plethora of extracurricular activities. From sports to arts, students have ample opportunities to hone their skills and pursue their passions.

Specialized Institutions

Berkeley County School of the Arts: For students with a keen interest in the arts, this institution offers specialized programs in music, dance, theater, and visual arts. Its proximity to Hunters Bend makes it a viable option for budding artists in the community.

Higher Education

Trident Technical College: Located in nearby North Charleston, Trident Technical College offers a range of undergraduate programs and vocational courses. Its state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty make it a preferred choice for many residents of Hunters Bend seeking higher education.

Local Attractions and Activities in and around Hunters Bend

Hunters Bend, while being a serene residential neighborhood, is strategically located to offer its residents a plethora of attractions and activities. Here's a glimpse into what the surrounding area has to offer:

Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site

A stone's throw away from Hunters Bend, this historic site offers a journey back in time. With remnants of a colonial-era settlement, it's a favorite among history enthusiasts and families looking for an educational outing.

Wannamaker County Park

A haven for nature lovers, this expansive park offers a range of activities. From hiking trails to picnic spots, and even a water park, it's a popular weekend destination for Hunters Bend residents.

Azalea Park & Sculpture Garden

Located in nearby Summerville, this park is renowned for its stunning azalea blooms and intricate sculptures. A perfect spot for a leisurely stroll or photography.

Crowfield Plantation

A testament to South Carolina's rich history, Crowfield Plantation offers guided tours of its historic house and gardens. The plantation's history, dating back to the 1700s, provides a fascinating insight into the region's past.

Shopping and Dining

The vicinity of Hunters Bend boasts a range of shopping and dining options. From local boutiques to well-known chains, and a diverse array of restaurants offering everything from local Southern cuisine to international delicacies, there's something for every palate and preference.

Local Events

The community spirit of Ladson and nearby Summerville is evident in the myriad of local events hosted throughout the year. From the famed Flowertown Festival in Summerville to local farmers' markets, there's always something happening to engage residents and visitors alike.

Transportation and Accessibility in Hunters Bend

For residents of Hunters Bend, Ladson, SC, efficient transportation and accessibility are vital components of daily life. Whether it's commuting to work, heading to nearby attractions, or just running errands, the transportation infrastructure plays a pivotal role. Here's a snapshot of the transportation landscape in and around Hunters Bend:

Roadways and Highways

Interstate 26 (I-26): One of the major highways connecting Hunters Bend to Charleston and other parts of South Carolina. Its proximity ensures quick and hassle-free commutes for residents.

Public Transportation

CARTA (Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority): Provides bus services connecting Ladson to Charleston and other neighboring areas. Several routes are conveniently accessible from Hunters Bend, making it a viable option for those preferring public transportation.

Air Travel

Charleston International Airport: Located a short drive away, this airport offers both domestic and international flights, making it convenient for residents who travel frequently.

Local Commute

Bike Paths: For those who prefer a greener mode of transport, there are several bike paths and lanes in the vicinity, promoting a healthy and eco-friendly commute.

Pedestrian-Friendly Zones: Certain areas, especially near schools and parks, are designed to be pedestrian-friendly, ensuring safety for those who prefer to walk.

Future Developments

There are ongoing discussions about expanding the public transportation network, with potential plans for introducing tram services connecting Ladson to downtown Charleston. Such developments will further enhance the transportation options for Hunters Bend residents.

Safety and Security in Hunters Bend

The well-being of its residents is paramount, and understanding the safety landscape is crucial for anyone considering making Hunters Bend their home. Here's a comprehensive look at the safety and security aspects of the neighborhood:

Crime Rates

According to recent statistics from NeighborhoodScout, Ladson, including the Hunters Bend area, has a crime rate that is relatively lower than the national average. This is reassuring for families and individuals alike.

Local Law Enforcement

The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office and the Ladson Police Department are responsible for maintaining law and order in the area. Their consistent patrolling and community engagement initiatives have played a significant role in ensuring a safe environment.

Community Watch Programs

Hunters Bend boasts an active community watch program. Residents actively collaborate, ensuring that any suspicious activities are promptly reported. This sense of community vigilance further deters potential criminal activities.

Emergency Services

In case of emergencies, the Ladson Fire Department and nearby medical facilities, such as the Trident Medical Center, ensure prompt response and care.

Safety Initiatives

The local authorities often organize safety workshops and awareness campaigns, educating residents about best practices and preventive measures. These initiatives range from fire safety drills to seminars on personal security.

Digital Platforms

Platforms like Nextdoor allow residents to stay connected and share real-time updates about the neighborhood. Such digital communities act as an additional layer of security, fostering communication and collaboration among residents.


Hunters Bend, located in the heart of Ladson, SC, is more than just a neighborhood; it's a testament to community living at its finest. With its rich history, modern amenities, and a safety record that would put many other neighborhoods to envy, it's no wonder that so many choose to call it home.

The neighborhood's strategic location, coupled with its efficient transportation network, ensures that everything you need is just a short drive or walk away. Whether you're a family looking for a safe environment for your children, a professional seeking convenience, or someone who cherishes community vibes, Hunters Bend has something for everyone.

Residents' testimonials further underscore the neighborhood's appeal, painting a picture of a community that's warm, welcoming, and vibrant. As Ladson continues to grow and evolve, Hunters Bend stands as a beacon of what a well-knit community should look like.

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