Its Not Just About the Price of the Home

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When most of us begin searching for a home, we naturally start by looking at the price. It’s important, however, to closely consider what else impacts the purchase. It’s not just the price of the house that matters, but the overall cost in the long run. Today, that’s largely impacted by low mortgage rates. Low rates are actually making homes more affordable now than at any time since 2016, and here’s why.  Today’s low rates are off-setting rising home prices because it’s less expensive to borrow money. In essence, purchasing a home while mortgage rates are this low may save you significantly over the life of your home loan.

 What are the experts saying about affordability?  Experts agree that this unique moment in time is making homes incredibly affordable for buyers.  

“Although housing prices have consistently moved higher, when the favorable mortgage rates are factored in, an overall home purchase was more affordable in 2020’s second quarter compared to one year ago.”
Bill Banfield, EVP of Capital Markets, Quicken Loans:

No matter what you're looking for, this is a great time to buy a home in the Charleston market since the current interest rates can stretch your spending power. Buyers shopping for a new home can afford 10 percent more home than they could have one year ago while keeping their monthly payment unchanged. This could translate into up to $32,000 more in buying power, while gaining the benefit of strong house price appreciation.

When purchasing a home, it’s important to think about the overall cost, not just the price of the house. Homes on your wish list may be more affordable today than you think. Let’s connect to discuss how affordability plays a role in the Charleston market and your long-term homeownership goals.