Prep Your Pets For the Big Move

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Your moving day is set and it’s time to start preparing. As you’re making your lists and checking them twice, don’t forget to factor in your furry family friend. Moving can be stressful for the average person, so keep in mind how anxious of a transition it may also be for your pets. They can also get stressed out when the day to day activity takes them out of their comfort zone. Here are a few tips for making sure the process goes smoothly.

Medical records. When moving to a different city or state, one of the main things you need to take into consideration is finding a new veterinarian that is the right fit for you and your pet. If you have family or friends in the area ask for recommendations or do your own research by reading reviews and news articles. Once you find one, contact your current vet to initiate a transfer of medical records. Then schedule a “get to know you” appointment shortly after your move.

Transportation. Whether it’s a short drive or a long plane ride, your pet will likely need to be put into a carrier. For most pets, this is a foreign concept and they require time to get comfortable with it. Start acclimating your pet as early as possible and use comfort items like treats and favorite toys and blankets to make the experience a positive one for your pet.

Overnight Bag: Prepare an easily-accessible 'overnight kit' that has enough dog food, kitty litter, toys and grooming tools to sustain your pet and keep them comfortable during the first few days of unpacking.

Traveling: Be sure to research and plan your travel route around pet friendly hotels. Take a moment to contact each hotel and make sure you are aware of their guidelines for your pet, along with any additional fees you may be charges. 

Acclimation. Pad your moving schedule with ample time to get your dog or cat acclimated to their new home. While the movers are still hard at work, keep them safely away from foot traffic to reduce stress. Once they’ve left, make sure to clear anything that could be dangerous and block off areas as necessary then let them free to get a lay of the land on their own.

Update their Information: Once you have moved in your new home, be sure to update their tags or microchip information with the new home address and contact information.

Moving doesn't have to be stressful for you are your pets. So take the necessary time to plan and prepare as you make your move to your new home!