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Nestled in the heart of South Carolina's coastal charm, Old Village Mount Pleasant stands as a testament to time, effortlessly weaving the threads of historical grandeur with the vibrancy of contemporary living. This enchanting neighborhood, with its picturesque streets and stunning waterfront views, invites both history buffs and modern-day explorers to discover its unique blend of past and present.

As we embark on this journey through Old Village, we delve into the essence of what makes this area not just a location, but a living, breathing part of South Carolina's rich tapestry. From the storied walls of the Hibben House, established in 1755, to the bustling avenues lined with modern eateries and shops, Old Village is a mosaic of stories waiting to be told.

Old Village Mount Pleasant - A Journey Through Time

Stepping into Old Village Mount Pleasant is like turning the pages of a history book. Founded amidst the early settlements of South Carolina, the neighborhood boasts landmarks that echo tales of a bygone era. The Hibben House, standing proudly since 1755 and part of the original Mount Pleasant plantation, is a marvel of colonial architecture. Nearby, you'll find the historic Pitt Street Bridge, once a trolley bridge, now serving as a picturesque fishing pier and a testament to the area's enduring charm.

As we stroll through the oak-lined streets, each corner reveals a story, each building a chapter in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina's unfolding narrative. This is a place where history is not just remembered but is a living part of the community's daily life. In fact, Dana Osgood and his wife Laird Branch Osgood moved here from Hopewell, Massachusetts, in 1929, becoming part of the area's rich history. They bought the land that was originally part of the Hilliardsville tract, annexed by the town in 1858, and later transformed their grounds into seven stunning gardens named Pierates Cruze.

The Vibrant Heart of Mount Pleasant

Old Village is more than just a historical landmark; it's a vibrant community where the past meets the present. The neighborhood's streets are alive with a harmonious blend of the old and the new. Historic homes, including those in Greenwich Village (established in 1766) and Hibben Ferry Tract (established in 1770), stand alongside modern residences, each telling its own story of the area's evolution. The community's strong ties are evident in its bustling local markets, cozy cafes, and friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Residents and visitors alike find solace in the serene landscapes of Shem Creek and the breathtaking waterfront views. Whether it's a leisurely walk along the creek, a meal at a local eatery, or a moment of reflection in the shadow of the Ravenel Bridge, Old Village offers an unparalleled experience of Mount Pleasant's charm. The area is conveniently located just minutes away from downtown Charleston, South Carolina, the Charleston Harbor, and local beaches, ensuring easy access to the region's attractions.

A Tapestry of Commerce and Culture

In Old Village Mount Pleasant, every shop and eatery tells a story. The quaint streets are dotted with unique boutiques and restaurants, each adding its own flavor to the neighborhood. From the old-fashioned charm of Pitt Street Pharmacy, where a soda fountain transports visitors to a bygone era, to contemporary culinary delights at local cafes, the area is a haven for foodies and shoppers alike. The Old Post House, both a tavern and inn, offers a taste of local cuisine and hospitality, embodying the spirit of Southern comfort. These local businesses are not just establishments; they are the heartbeat of Old Village, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Where Natural Beauty Meets Cultural Richness

The Old Village isn't just a neighborhood; it's a celebration of culture and natural beauty. The Charleston Harbor views offer a majestic backdrop, enhancing the area's allure. The historic Pitt Street Bridge, now a scenic walkway, provides stunning vistas of the Sullivan's Island Lighthouse, perfectly encapsulating the blend of natural and historical beauty.

Cultural events and the weekly farmers market along Coleman Boulevard showcase the local community's creativity and culinary expertise. These experiences bring to life the rich tapestry of Old Village, offering a glimpse into the soul of Mount Pleasant.

A Coveted Place to Call Home

In Old Village Mount Pleasant, real estate is more than just property; it's a lifestyle choice. The neighborhood's diverse range of homes, from historic properties in Hilliardsville (established in 1847) to contemporary residences, caters to a variety of tastes and preferences. Recognized for its architectural beauty and historical significance, the area has become one of Mount Pleasant's most sought-after real estate destinations. Prospective homeowners are drawn not only to the charm and history but also to the sense of community and the quality of life that Old Village offers.


Families in Old Village are surrounded by educational excellence. The neighborhood is zoned for some of Mount Pleasant's top-rated schools, offering an exceptional educational foundation for children. Mt. Pleasant Academy, Moultrie Middle School, and Lucy Beckham High School - These institutions are known for their academic achievements, enriching extracurricular activities, and dedicated staff. Living in Old Village means your children will have access to a well-rounded education, making it an ideal place for families.

Embracing the Old Village Lifestyle

Old Village Mount Pleasant is more than a destination; it's a living, breathing testament to the harmonious blend of history and modernity. As we conclude our journey through this enchanting neighborhood, we invite you to experience its unique charm firsthand. Whether you're seeking a stroll through history, a taste of local culture, or perhaps considering it as your next home, Old Village awaits with open arms.

Old Village Homes for Sale Mount Pleasant, SC

If you're looking for a home in Old Village, you'll be delighted to find a range of options available. Homes for sale in Old Village are in high demand due to the neighborhood's ideal location and affordability. Don't wait to schedule a visit and see all this community has to offer!

In summary, Old Village is a fantastic neighborhood with plenty to offer. From the peaceful surroundings to the affordable homes for sale, you'll love living in this community. If you're ready to start your search for a home here, please don't hesitate to reach out to Charleston's Best Home Team so we can help you find your dream home!

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